Massage Therapists

Annie Ochoa LMT:

Annie has been specializing in injury treatment for over 20 years utilizing a variety of techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, polarity therapy, and cupping to relieve edema and inflammation as well as SOT blocking for hip rotation and has extensive experience treating surgery sites, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and on the job injuries with great success. Working with your diagnosis and your referral, Annie adjusts to every client's tolerance and current state of inflammation, by customizing her care for every person by varying pressure and changing techniques to make each session progressive and positive in assisting the client to their best possible health. Annie can help her patients with relieving, deep stretches at importance places like feet, hips, shoulders, head, neck, etc. Additionally, if you prefer quiet time, Annie will keep conversation to a minimum to keep your treat safe and enjoyable. Annie knows that massage therapy works amazingly well with chiropractic and rehab techniques in helping people find their optimal wellness.

Merri Divine LMT:

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