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What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is sprain/strain injuries to the ligaments and muscles that support the spine. It is very common for an injured person to have 1) misalignment of the spinal bones, which then causes 2) pinching of the spinal nerves, which is complicated by 3) sprain or "tearing" of the spinal ligaments and 4) strain or "tearing" of the muscles which attach to and move that joint, which has been traumatized. Another name for "whiplash" is soft tissue injuries.

The latest scientific research has shown that these whiplash injuries can and often occur in collisions with speeds as low as 5 mph. Why is that a big deal? Even "minor fender benders" or worse, a collision that causes no visible damage can result in injury to you and your passengers. Crash test research shows that 8 miles per hour is the minimum threshold where damage to the most vehicles begins to occur. Anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident big or small should get a thorough evaluation by a doctor trained to diagnose and treat whiplash injuries.

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