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What Type of Treatment Should I Seek?

The real danger with most "whiplash" injuries is that non treatment, or treatment which fails to address the spinal, and soft tissue injuries, can result in long term or even lifetime problems. Non treatment of traumatically induced sprain/strain injuries have been proven to cause post traumatic arthritic changes to the neck and back.Instability of the spine leads to abnormal joint function and increased wear and tear on the joints. This leads to accelerated and premature damage of the spinal joints called osteoarthritis.

If you were checked out at the hospital immediately following the accident, this was a good decision. The emergency room doctors are trained to look for life threatening injuries such as concussion or fracture.

If you have been to your medical doctor you made another good decision. It's important that your doctor examines you as they can offer medications to help you cope with the pain in the weeks that follow the accident. The next important step is to have yourself evaluated by a spinal specialist who has been trained in traumatically induced soft tissue injuries.

That is where we come in as experienced chiropractors. In addition to the regular training in treating the neck and back, we have doctors who have undergone extensive training through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego with Dr. Arthur Croft in the evaluation and treatment of whiplash injuries. We have over 33 years of experience treating thousands of individuals injured in car accidents such as yours. We will do a thorough examination of your neck and back to look for the hidden soft tissue injuries that can lead to serious long term problems if left untreated. If treatment is recommended in your case, we provide a gentle, pain-free treatment that will help quickly reduce your pain and allow your body to heal faster and avoid chronic long term damage.

Another important feature of our office is massage therapy.Whiplash injuries almost always result in muscle strain injuries which respond well with a course of massage therapy. Our massage therapists are experienced with treating whiplash. They offer gentle soothing massage which helps speed the recovery and prevent scar tissue formation. We will see to it that you receive appropriate massage therapy treatment.

Finally, as your body is healing it is vital that you regain your strength, balance and flexibility. We are able to help you through our rehabilitative exercise specialist. We will design a rehabilitative exercise program that is specific to your body and your injuries. This will help ensure that your injuries do not become chronic. We believe that this comprehensive array of treatments will give you the best pain relief and restore your ability to function to your best again.

If someone you love has been involved in a motor vehicle call our office and set-up a no charge initial consultation (253) 838-1080.