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Federal Way Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing. It is a drug-free, non-invasive way to feel better. Therapeutic massage is a systematic, manual application of pressure and movement to the soft tissue of the skin, tendons, ligaments and fascia (the membranes surrounding muscles). It encourages healing by promoting blood flow and lymph flow, relieving muscle tension and stretching both muscles and connective tissue to keep them elastic. Therapeutic massage relieves pain caused by conditions such as fibromyaligia, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It helps those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Jex Chiropractic and Massage Health Center's massage therapists are nationally certified, state licensed and experienced in the art of healing touch.

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Looking for a great gift that can be appreciated by most anyone? Consider giving a very special gift of massage at one of the Northwest's best and most recognized as the areas best in massage and massage therapy and it's right here in Federal Way. Massage is a very important part of Jex Chiropractic & Massage Health Center in Federal Way, WA. Whether you choose to purchase a gift certificate as a very special gift, or to accompany the recipient, massages are a very thoughtful and appreciated gift. The art of massage has the appeal of offering positive effects as a massage will soothe the mind, relax the body and many claim massage heals the soul.

Many different types of massage are available here in Federal Way and Jex Chiropractic is known by many Federal Way massage enthusiasts to staff the very best in massage professionals. Even if you can't afford to send someone to a costly spa or salon, you can almost certainly afford to give the gift of massage. You will find that massage is now covered by many health insurance providers.

Jex Chiropractic continues to offer several types in Federal Way as there are many different kinds of massages. Shiatsu massage is an eastern philosophy of massage that involves applying pressure with the fingers. One other popular type of massage is deep tissue. Deep tissue massage is specifically designed to target the muscles, fascia and connective tissues that are located beneath the top layer of muscles. It is most often used to treat consistent pain associated with physical injury and strenuous activities such as sports. Massage has been around in one form or another since almost the dawn of mankind.

People are discovering massage in Federal Way almost daily at the Jex Chiropractic & Massage Health Center. As long as people have been around other people, they have been giving one another massages. If you watch a mother with a crying baby you will often see her instinctively begin to rub or massage her infant, as she tries to relieve their distress. If you watch spouses interact, you will frequently see one rub the shoulders of the other. These are both very rudimentary forms of massage, and appear to be entirely instinctual. All of this supports the conclusion that a massage is a gift that can be appreciated by virtually anyone.